Bird Nest Boxes

Injection moulding: ABS, GPPS Fixed Standard and common containers

  • To indicate that these containers use ABS, GPPS materials injection moulding for production.
  • The transparence and beauty of the containers are great and enable to show the specification internal goods entirely. Apart from that,┬áthe stability towards the chemical responses (acid or alkaline) are great too.
  • Suitable for bird nest, herbal, powder form stuffs, easily dissolved stuffs and etc.
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Size : 170mm (L) x 115mm (W) x 32mm (H)
Size : 180mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 27mm (H)
Size : 155mm (L) x 110mm (W) x 30mm (H)
Size : 215mm (L) x 103mm (W) x 20mm (H)
Size : 260mm (L) x 155mm (W) x 60mm (H)
Size : 250mm (L) x 195mm (W) x 55mm (H)
Size : 250mm (L) x 195mm (W) x 30mm (H)
Size : 230mm (L) x 155mm (W) x 30mm (H)
Size : 210mm (L) x 115mm (W) x 28mm (H)
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